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skegness day visit

PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2009 4:41 pm
by minehead forever
we went to skeggy on sunday for a day visit.we had a great day,hadn't been to skeggy for 18 months so it made a great change.we let aaron run off and play on the fair while we sampled the calsberg.aladdin panto was on in the afternoon which was excellent,which i was surprised with as i thought the cast at skeggy was weak compared to minehead but it had obviously it finished they mentioned circus hilarious was on at night so as it was pouring down, and there would be nothing in skeggy to do after 6pm we thought we'd be cheeky and went off to guest services and ask if we could possibly stay till 10pm to watch the show,after mentioning we were premier gold,the lady came back after contacting her boss and said for £22 we got a good deal out of day visit entrance.
i know a few may of stayed on sneekily till late anyway but now you know if you ask nicely they are very flexible.