Questions for anyone who has worked for Butlins before!

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Questions for anyone who has worked for Butlins before!

Postby SarahP » Fri Feb 17, 2012 6:06 pm

Hi there!
Basically i'm doing an organisational psychology course and we have to do a case study one one business and look at the motivation people have to work hard whilst they're there, and i've chosen butlins (woo!) I'm looking as maslows hierarchy of needs as a theory of motivation, which basically says you have lower level needs (need for shelter, need for food, safety ect.) and higher level needs (e.g. recognition for your work, possibility of promotion) and you need to satisfy lower level needs before you can satisfy higher level needs, and the more 'needs' that are met by your workplace, the greater your motivation to work there

So if anyone’s worked at butlins and wouldn't mind answering a few questions i'd be very grateful!

1) Are working conditions at butlins pleasant?
2) Is food provided for you as workers? Do you have a staff canteen?
3) Do you feel safe when you are working at butlins?
4)What benefits do have when working at butlins?
5)Do you feel like your job is secure or under threat?
6)When working at butlins, do you have a close working group?
7) Was the supervision/ management above you friendly and approachable?
8) Did you get a lot of recognition for the work that you did?
9) Was there an opportunity for promotion if you performed well?
10) Did your work challenge you as an individual?
11) Did your work give you a sense of achievement and accomplishment?
12) Did you feel a strong motivation to work hard at butlins?

Thankyou very much :-)
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Postby Joker » Tue Feb 21, 2012 2:19 am

Hi Sarah

Welcome to the forum, as a rule these questionnaires are frowned upon as most student/market research types post the above, take the replays then disappear.

On this occasion I'm quite interested in your questions especially the answers from different decades of Butlin's. or would that just be how years ago we were more put up and shut up.

Having never worked for Butlin's I can't answer your questions but this forum is full of ex-staff who may.

Have Fun !!!

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Re: Questions for anyone who has worked for Butlins before!

Postby taffdillon » Wed Feb 27, 2013 6:46 am

Hi both,

Goodness me, all them questions.

At the end of the day, whether you had to work like a dog, or not treated that well by staff, you were in 1 of the best British holiday resorts that we Brits had to offer.

Enjoy your time at Butlins, while it lasts. Nothing lasts forever.

Matt. Barry Island fan :D
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