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Butlins open air merry go round Skegness 1967


Butlins Dining Rooms


Vintage Cars Skegness Butlins


Butlins Monorail Skegness 1990
















Butlins Dining Rooms




Outdoor Pool Fountain Minehead 1975
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Darren Thompson

1967 - 2002

My family and I went to Butlins every year from 1967 to 1975 and also later in the early and late eighties. I have since taken my kids there throughout the nineties. The last time I went was in 2002. Having been to Skegness, Minehead (both many times) also Clacton, Filey and Phwelli, I can honestly say that Skeggy and Minehead were, and still are, my favourite camps. I have lots of very happy memories!

I thought some of my old pics may re-kindle some old memories for some of you.

The first pic is of the old open air merry-go-round at Skegness in 1967. I'm on the left, age two, with my dad, my brother in the middle, and my mum on the right. The ride was a favourite amongst the young and old alike, and was situated near to the entrance of the fair, and so was the first glimpse of the fun-fair as you walked down the "long" road past the old chalets, shops, and various venues. I know that the ride was definately still there up till the mid 70's but, as my memory fades with age, I cant remember exactly when it was replaced by the more "traditional" type merry-go-round. I know for sure that it had sadly gone by the early eighties.
A couple of pictures of the old style dining experience at Butlins. The first (left) is from 1967 at Skegness (I was only about 18months old, so am absent due to being in the nursery), but mum, dad and brother are furthest away on the closest table. I havn't a clue who the people closest to the camera are, but in those days you had a table for eight, and sat with whoever was designated to make the numbers up!
The second (right) is also at Skegness, this time from 1969 (note me nearest to the camera on the right age 3 with my captains hat on). The waitress in the background doing her stuff with her multi-plate carrier. Also note the same table cloths two years on! (it all added to the charm!).

Here the picture is of us in the vintage cars at Skegness in 1974. Always a favourite with us kids, and it was a shame when these disappeared in the late eighties/early nineties! We were there just a couple of weeks after the big fire.


And at Minehead in 1975. Near the old outdoor pool in front of one of the many water fountains that were so popular at all the camps.


The last is from 1990 showing my two kids with their mum (and the iconic monorail in the background!). This again is Skegness.

Submitted by:  Darren Thompson